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Advantages to Hiring a Professional Air Duct Cleaner

Air ducts can breed bacteria and mold, as well as dust and even pests such as vermin. Moreover, dirty air ducts can lead to a higher energy bill. Thus, it’s easy to see why it’s a good idea to regular clean your air ducts.

This can be usually done in two ways – DIY using rented air duct-cleaning equipment and tools, and hiring professional cleaners. There are both pros and cons to each of the two choices, but you will find that it’s smarter to go with the second, for the following reasons:

> The costs involved in renting air duct equipment and hiring a professional may be no different.
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People often decide to rent air duct cleaning equipment and perform the job themselves in the belief that they will save money. This is generally not the case. In fact, in so many cases – if not most or all – the cost of renting equipment can be the same as that of hiring an expert.
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> Rental equipment is often poorly maintained and outdated.

Rental companies do keep their equipment operational, but they hardly invest time nor cash for the required maintenance. Professional air duct cleaners, on the other hand, strive to meet particular standards, cleaning your air ducts with modern and properly maintained equipment.

> Professionals provide comprehensive cleaning services.

Cleaning your air ducts is not simply eliminating dust and debris. A team of professionals will give you a more extensive clean, starting from the ducts themselves and going all the way to the coils, giving you a long-term answer to your problem, instead of merely a short-term fix. If you were to clean them yourself with your limited knowledge and experience, you will never be able to produce the same results as a professional can.

> Cleaning your air ducts on your own can create more issues than you had when you started.

For instance, you could unknowingly flush dust and particulate matter into your house while damaging the air ducts themselves. Then you may have to call professionals to fix the damage you’ve done, which is going to cost you a lot more than hiring cleaners, or get a replacement and call professional installers, which would be even more expensive. Both of these scenarios can be completely avoided if you just hire a cleaning professional right from the get go.

> Professionals clean up after themselves.

If you do the job yourself, you will also have to with the clean-up afterwards. This also mean you will be spending more time way away from other obligations you have, like work or family. Finally, by hiring a professional company, they will do the cleanup themselves, and will leave your house in better shape than they found it.