Things you should know about Father’s Day

Our dads are our protectors and also the ones who work hard to support the family, with minimal complaints. He is always the strength of support whose contribution can never be subjugated. The teaching that we receive from a father is something one cannot even achieve from 100 schoolmasters. He is a true hero to both his son and daughter. A son always wants to become like his father while the daughter always wants a husband like her father. So, on this upcoming father’s day, you must be searching for online father’s day gifts? Note his personality and recent habits before deciding on the exact gift that you would be showering on him.

Things you should know about Father Day

Here are some trivial facts about the father’s day.

  1. Importance and popularity wise, it still plays a second fiddle to mother’s day. This event was made official by President Richard Nixon in 1972, which is exactly 58 years after its maternal equivalent.
  2. Believe it or not, without Google we are nothing and our memory has also become dependent on it. There are so many festivals all across the world whose details are known to us only through this internet. And this Google showcased Father’s Day-themed doodles for the first time on its main page since 2000. It was a three starred Dad sleeping in a hammock.
  3. According to a poll, 80% of the U.S. fathers wanted to spend quality time with their family and specially their sons. This shows how much a dad wants to be with their kids but ends up with less time because of busy work schedule. But he does all that to keep his family secure.
  4. Do you know that Canada’s national symbol, the beaver, is one of the few male creatures in the animal kingdom that sticks around after mating to help raise the kids? This is really a rare case, because apart from human world even in animal world also it’s the mothers who take up the responsibility of their kids.
  5. By the way, Männertag, celebrated 40 days after Easter, is Germany’s twist on Father’s Day. Instead of breakfast and coffee, people generally pile up gallons of beer and whisky and also go for long jaunts to countryside.
  6. Studies reveal that if 141 million cards were sold on mother’s day, hardly 93 million were sold for the occasion of father’s day.


Things you should know about Father Day2

Consider coffee mugs, personalized coasters, book shelf, lamp shades, recliner set, cakes, or a dinner night out with him can be nice gift ideas for father’s day. He would be more than happy for the same receiving gifts from you.

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