How to Find Coupons and Discounts

The key to financial success often lies not in earning more, but in simply getting the most out of the money that you have. Seeking out the best deals can help you reduce your spending in nearly any category. Coupons and discounts are popular ways to do this. The Internet abounds with sites offering all the information you need to yield great savings on your everyday purchases. By taking advantage of these resources, you can reduce your spending on everything from groceries to clothing.


  1. Browse available coupons online at coupon sites such as Smart Source, Red Plum, Coupon Mom and Coupon Map. If you find coupons matching items on your shopping list, print them out.
  2. Check weekly ads for the stores where you shop to find discounts on items that you need. These ads are often delivered right to your mailbox or included in the morning newspaper. To see weekly coupons, visit store websites or check out sites such as Coupon Mom and Red Plum for a list of deals in your area.
  3. Locate discount and clearance tables at your favorite stores. Grocery stores will often feature baked goods that are near their expiration date at a deep discount. Other items that are overstocked or are no longer in season can be purchased for a discounted price as well. Discount shelves are often placed at the back of the store and often look like a random jumble of items, but you can find some great prices if you’re willing to dig through what’s offered.
  4. Achieve group discounts through Groupon or Living Social. With Groupon, a required number of people must sign up for a deal for it to become active, so you can increase your chances of getting the deal by inviting friends and family to participate as well. If the required number of people isn’t met, you don’t lose any money, but you won’t receive the deal either. Through Living Social, you have the opportunity to get the featured deal for free. If you invite three people who purchase the deal, yours will be free.