How to Find Cheap Deals Online

One of the greatest benefits of the internet is that of shopping. No longer do you have to drive and fight for parking at multiple stores in order to find a the best deal. You can browse online stores for the best deal right from the comfort of your living room.
Ther are deals all over the internet, from Clothing to Jewelry to Tires to Computers. The trick is to find them! I personally like buying deals from online stores rather than eBay, because usually the products are exactly described and many come with original warranties!
Here are some helpful tips on looking for products at great prices.


  1. MAJOR RETAILERS- Most major retailers have online stores websites. And a majority of these sites have a “Clearance, sale, or bargain” section to the site. Some of these sections are somewhat hidden, as the retailer would rather you purchase a non-sale item instead of a “sale” item. I will use Banana Republic and their website for this example. Go to, from there choose the type of clothes that you are interested in. I have chosen Mens Clothing for this example. Now view the image that I have included. You will see at the bottom that there is a little link called “Sale”, this is where the deals are at from Banana Republic. WOW, a $60 shirt for $20, thats 66% off! I’m gonna look sharp at a fraction of the cost.
  2. SMALL RETAILERS – You might be amazed on how many small retailers that either only sell online or have a store and website. Again, here is another example. I will use Cycle Gear as an example. Go to and look for the “Specials tab” as show in the picture that I have attached. Dang, $60 OFF a pair of the best Motocross boots ever made! Now, if I was looking to grab these, I might just print this out and head down to the shop to make sure they fit and buy them there.
  3. MANUFACTURERS – Many manufactures sell products online. Many of these companies also sell discounted, discontinued and/or refurbished items at a steal. Again sometimes these items are hard to find on a site. I will use Apple for this example. Go to, click on the “Store” tab and scroll to the bottom left. You will see “refurbished macs”. Click on it. Schweeet. A $2000 note book fpor $1400, thats a quick $600 dollar saving.
  4. CONCLUSION – As you can see finding deals isn’t really that tough. You would be amazed on how many people don’t realize it. My next article “How to use”, I will show you how to use a deals website ( that allows you to share deals that you find and also lets you get deals that others have posted. The site makes finding and sharing deals SOOO EASY.