How to Buy Stuff Online With Electronic Checks

To purchase items online using electronic checks, you must ensure that the website is secure and processes electronic checks. Websites maintain different payment options, such as pay by credit card, debit card, or electronic check. You will need to submit your bank’s routing number along with your checking account number. Additionally, you need to provide the name and mailing address associated with the checking account.


  • Anyone can create a website to sell products and accept online payments. Avoid buying stuff online when the website is not secure so that you can try to prevent fraud and identity theft. To buy stuff online, you must disclose personal information. Make sure that the website is safe by searching for an unbroken key or closed padlock located at the corner of the internet browser. Another signal involves checking the URL for a ‘s’ after the http, (e.g., https://…). If a scam artist lures you into buying stuff online, then you are at risk of being a victim of theft because the scam artist can make multiple purchases using your checking information.

Payment Policy

  • Most major merchants (e.g., amazon, ebay, apple) establish simple, user friendly procedures so that consumers can buy stuff online rather easily. To protect consumers, reputable merchants utilize encryption technology, which scrambles personal information. Encryption of information, including checking account numbers, serves as a vital precaution against theft, such as from a computer hacker. Before buying stuff online, review the privacy policy to learn more about the merchant’s security. For instance, many merchants disclose if they will share your information after your make a purchase with affiliates or third parties.


  • If you buy items online, be aware that merchants can track your spending habits. Cookies allow merchants to identify the websites that you access. There are short-term cookies that expire after you close a browser, while persistent, long-term cookies remain until you delete or empty your computer’s cache. You can recognize persistent cookies because upon accessing a website, your information (e.g., user name) is readily available.