How to Buy Cheap Bulk Roses Online are many occasions when you need a lot of flowers, such as weddings, anniversary parties, and funerals. Roses are especially popular and are usually quite expensive to buy from a flower shop or store in bulk because such places don’t keep a large supply of roses on hand. Thankfully there are ways you can quite easily find the roses, artificial or real, in the large numbers you need and for a cheaper price.


  1. Compare prices online. Using a search engine, compare the prices of roses that a few different suppliers charge for the amount that you need. Most sites have a price estimator, even down to the shipping costs. Comparison shopping online is just as important as in person because everyone wants the best (meaning cheapest) deal possible; this is especially important if you’re buying a significant number of roses.
  2. Consider finding a supplier near you so the shipping charge doesn’t overshadow your quantity bargain, if you are buying real roses. If you are buying artificial flowers, the location of the supplier probably won’t matter, as time does not have such an effect on the look of the flowers.
  3. Consider skipping the shipping bill altogether and just picking up your purchase if you own the means to do so and the supplier isn’t far. Some suppliers of bulk flowers allow buyers to pick up their merchandise.
  4. Enter the proper information on your order form. This information includes the receiver’s name, address, phone number, and payment information. Including the correct shipping information is especially important if you need the flowers delivered somewhere other than where you live or your place of business.
  5. Click “Commit,” “Send,” or “Order” on the final page of your process. This is, of course, the most important step because it finalizes your order and gets the ball rolling on your bulk roses. At this point your screen may or may not tell you if you’ve left out or mistyped some crucial information on your order form. Be sure to print your confirmation page in case of a mix-up.
  6. Be at the place of delivery when the roses are to be dropped off. It is impossible for the delivery person to wait around with a truck full of flowers, so it is important to be ready for the delivery. You could risk wilted or ruined real roses over this step or a delay in your delivery in the case of artificial roses.