How to Build an Online Store With Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is multi-faceted and has an application that comes with it called extension manager. Inside the extension manager one is alloted the option to share and gather add on extensions for Dreamweaver. One of the extensions available to users is called Cube Stores. This option will connect with a e-commerce solution provider and requires a fee. One can also add an eBay merchant toolkit and PayPal buttons. This article addresses information on how to set up a real working store with a basic template from Dreamweaver and a paypal account.


  1. Create the first page using a template. The template will create a two column CSS layout with navigation on the right. Create folders on your desktop until you are ready to upload your store. When using this type of CSS template, Dreamweaver will ask you to save it immediately. It will create an .htm file, a .css file and a _notes folder. Inside this same folder create a folder called ‘products’ and drag products to the folder. Give the new template a title. Give the store a name and give the links titles. It is recommended that your store has a police and a contact email link.
  2. Insert the featured image and write a paragraph about the featured product. On the menu bar, select ‘insert’ and from the drop down box select ‘layout objects,’ then ‘insert a layer.’ Drag the new layer next to the product. Go to your PayPal account and log in, Paypal offers merchant services for free–click on the tab in your paypal account titled merchant services. Choose the option to create a button and choose the button type you’d like to use. Some use a ‘buy now’ button, one may also use add to cart buttons and your customers will be able to shop for multiple items. After you fill in the details about your product, generate the code and copy it. Go back to the Dreamweaver template and click on the layer.
  3. Once you have selected the layer, right click and a drop down menu will appear. Choose insert html and paste the paypal button code in the layer. The paypal code is inserted into the layer for design purposes. The button can be easily placed next to the products by dragging the layer. Save your work.
  4. When you are finished adding products and buttons to the store you will need to upload the folder to your web hosting service. Test the store–it is important that you keep your folders in order and that each item is uploaded unchanged. Use FTP with Dreamweaver to upload your files to your site. Test the store by inputing the name of your host directory and the name of the folder and index.html.
  5. Offer a page for your customers to print and send an order through the mail. Add store polices and customer service contact forms. This Dreamweaver store is the simplest and least expensive way to open an e-commerce store, yet it is fully functional and reliable under paypal terms.