How Procuring Security Gadgets from Online Sources Helped Me Land a Great Deal

My business got into a joint venture with a leading MNC and I was promoted to the post of a branch manager. As exciting and challenging as it may sound, the role of a branch manager had brought plenty of responsibilities on my shoulder. One such factor that I was partly responsible for along with the management was to look after safety standards and ensure that security gadgets of the office are functioning effectively. I had to deal with complaints and concerns from the security team and make an effort deal with the same.

We had three branches in the same building, which occupied the first, second and the fifth floor of the building. Following up with the information from the first and second floor was quite convenient whereas garnering information about the situation on the fifth floor always involved certain issues. Taking this issue in to consideration, the management decided to replace the security cameras installed at all three offices. It was high for my joint venture to take things seriously and maintain the required safety standards. So I was put in charge of figuring out CCTV cameras that were available under a prescribed budget range.

I started seeking different online sources to procure security cameras. There were many online retailers, who were ready to offer great deals over purchasing security system but for a reason, I avoided them all. I wanted to make sure that I landed a purchase with the branded ones and not for some inferior ones that were marketed at budget friendly prices. Therefore, I started reading blogs and articles that helped me figure out the essential specifications and the role played by different functions. I understood that there were PTZ IP camera available, which had features of Pan, tilt, and zooming for much crispy recordings of the surrounding.

After becoming familiar with different features, I got into a huge dilemma between choosing CCTV cameras and PTZ IP cameras. The things that kept me back from taking firm decision were that CCTV cameras had great features and were available at affordable charges. PTZ cameras had an additional specification of completely relying over Wi-Fi networks and broadband connections to transfer data amongst interlinked computers. This feature had poked my interest as it becomes extremely hassle free for any person to retrieve data from what the next camera is recording. I personally preferred the latter and then I had chosen the number of units that I had required.

My purchase price went up high with ordering more number of units however, on placing the final order I received a huge discount that brought the total cost down by thirty percent. I had order delivered at my office and I had already arranged technicians who extended assistance with the installation of the cameras. With all the work going smoothly, it was high time we started checking how the cameras functions and observing the accuracy of these cameras left me quite surprised. I could not have got a better deal than this one. The person in the control room had all the information that simultaneously went over all the office rooms.